Ek kalma maskharo ke naam… 

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well and I hope you are having a great time with your family, friends and close once but there is a person in everyone’s life who did his well to make us happy.  I have that person in life who’s only motive in life is to make me whether he is happy or not. Whether he is in condition to make me happy or not but his only motive to make me smile. So this poem belongs to all that मसखरा not only mine but for all maskhars who make us happy. Live long guys and always be happy because you guys did a fantastic job to make us happy. 


Main aur Main.. 

Hello friends. I am back, I know it’s being too long but I was busy in some work. You guys know well how much  the ‘life  of  student’ is dramatic. So I was busy actually I should say I have to be busy in playing my role in this drama of life.  from the one or two week I am having a very strong gut feeling with that persona of Shakespeare. 

“life is a stage and we all are playing the role. ”

Just because of this statement of one of my  favourite person I always try to get stand up clap from my audience but in today’s story I am telling you about that incident where someone is playing  my role. It’s about a week ago, at 11:30 . Suddenly someone knocks my door.  I was busy in some other stuffs so I didn’t notice after a minute someone knocked my door once again when I went to that who’s this. There is no one behind the door. I thought that someone did prank with me because it is very casual in my hostel. We knock the door for annoying people. I closed the door. Than I felt  that  someone is standing behind me but there was no one in the room. I take my earplugs and start a heavy music but I was not able to listen anything. I thought may  be there is a problem in my earplugs.  Now I have the last option to take my soul to the piece. I take out my diary and pen and try to write something but the most wearied thing happened here. It was the first time when I couldn’t write anything.I start reading the  old ones and than sleep that night. When I woke up with the alarm in next morning,I found a poem on that page where I didn’t write anything last night. I Hope you all want to read it.