Meri jarurt ♥… 

Hello friends, I hope you all are all right and living life happily . as we all know valentine week is on. So today’s poem is dedicated to that person to whom you are not only  in love but that person  is your need .this one is not only for valentine ♥. This one is for every relation which you don’t want to loose and the person without whom you can’t even imagine your life but sometimes we need a person who love us but actually  don’t understand our value but we still  love them from the bottom of our heart. His one sight made our day, his only wish becomes our dream. He or she love us but still always ready to hurt us not intentionally but regularly. So this one is for those people who have a  constant  place in our heart. Their rude behavior, ignorance or their every effort to hurt us don’t shift them even an inch.                              I am in Truely love with someone like this. I know he loves me but don’t understand me but I still love him. So if you have someone special like I have than please don’t let them go because these kinds are special editions. You can’t live with out  them once you become addicted of them. So feel your love and ♥ valentine


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