Kuch sawalon ke… 

Hello friends! I hope you all are having wonderful day. Today,  The poem which I am going to share with you is related to an incident. Before few months ago, may be it’s a time of november or december. Actually I am not pretty sure but may be that was the incident of diwali weekend. I and one of my friend were doing that “walk and talk” thing.  I just love to walk while I am having discussion with someone. That’s why whenever I ask someone to “चलते चलते बात करते हैं”. They said “let’s discuss it later” but few of them accept my problem or may be they have to accept it.  So that day am having “walk and talk ” session. Suddenly my friend zaroori interrogate something and I didn’t answer .it’s not because I didn’t know the answer or I didn’t  want to win that argument. It’s because I didn’t want to hurt him. I know you all are curious about that question but sorry to say friends I  can’t share that question now because I’ll save that for my upcoming blog. We’ll discuss that soon.                                                    In my “walk & talk”  convo he repeat that  question and again I was waking with silence. He was surprised to see that I was saying nothing Because Generally it never happens  I always have a Content to speak either I know about the topic or not.He asked me that  why was I behave like a mentally disturbed one? He said in sarcastic manner that it’s ok! If I don’t about that interrogation.he’ll never gonna tell anyone that there is something in the world at which I don’t want to express my thought. I said ok. He said again with extraa drama ” sweetheart l really want to know  how is that possible”
I just replied him with these two lines 

” हजार जवाबों से अच्छी एक खामोशी मेरी 

जिसने ना जाने कितने सवालों की आबरू रख ली ”

He laughed beastly. It was not new for me. It happens when I was try to  become a “कवि” in front of people. They give me the same treatment as he did. 

So today’s poem belongs to this stupid scenario:


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