Thanks for making what I am… 

Today,two years ago, Feb 05.2015. one of the most precious  part of my life became a memory. I was officially  deteched with people and a place where I lived the wonderful or lovable  14 years of my was the farewell party of my school. It was just a farewell for those students who came to school before a few years ago but for people  like me and my friends  who spend 13-14 years of their life it’s  kind of a trauma to attend that school is more than everything  for me. It’s a habit of 14 years to  went to the same place and spend  7,8 hours of day there. My school not only teach me to study. It teaches me to talk in front of thousands of people, it teaches me to love the Mike and podium and to be crazy for stage. I see lots of people in my daily life suffering from stage fear but speaking on stage gives me peace of mind and soul all these things I learnt from my school. I still remember  those days when we guys did our best to make the annual day bang on. My school  gives me wonderful  teachers who still try to be in touch with me after 2 years of passing out . I saw many students who miss their school because they miss their  friends but  I miss my school because I love my school desperately. I remember  that the  last poetry lines which I spoke  in my school in our so called  farewell. 

“जिंदगी की उलझनो को सुलझाने में चाहे कितनी मशगूल हो जाऊँ। 

यारों की यारी और स्कूल की चारदीवारी हर पल याद आएगी ”

I wrote a poem for my farewell party which I want to share with all of you–


3 thoughts on “Thanks for making what I am… 

  1. Heart wrenching. One year back, this awful day too had arrived in my life. And trust me I have still don’t get over that beautiful chapter of life. School this word always have a special place in life in memories ever and forever✌👍

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