I love to kill… 

Few days ago,when I was at home. I remember  that it’s about 4:30 in evening and I was walking outside the home than I saw that there was a plant of rose at the other side of road. As soon as I notice that beautiful creation of nature I went there and I did what generally a teenager or our generation do. I took my phone and start taking it’s pictures. That rose was look like a innocent child smiling from its heart . It was the first time when I notice something like that.it felt something  different.after few seconds my younger brother called me and I went from there and start walking with him again but my whole attention was grabbed by that rose.Suddenly I noticed an unknown guy. I saw him first time in our locality. He start observing that rose like  professionals and I really  didn’t know what was his mindset at that time. he just plucked that rose and squeeze it and kill it.that moment was like a lump in my throat. I went there  and asked him the reason to do this and he said that he love to pluck rose and love to remove  its petals. After saying his awkward statement he went from there and I was just  staring the petals at ground.I couldn’t  even understand  what was the meaning of that explanation he gave  to me 


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