Aur main seekh gyi… 

Today when I was taking snacks and tea in evening I feel that  3/4th part if a day is gone and what I did today for my self is just nothing.  If I am thinking  about what I learn today,what I get today, what I achieve today even what I loose today. At the end of the day I have a same answer  for all these question “Nothing.” than I decide that I can’t  waste my life to think about the conclusion “nothing” today by this blog I decide that tomorrow will be a new starting of my  life. I’ll live my life to make it on. 

“मंजिल मिल जाएगी भटकते ही सही 

गुमराह तो वो हैं जो घर से निकलते ही नहीं ”



9 thoughts on “Aur main seekh gyi… 

  1. “कब तक बैठे रहोगे छुपकर इस चार दिवारी में,
    ज़िन्दगी क्या है वो तो अभी तुम्हे पता ही नहीं”
    It was Beautiful, especially the Quote… 😁😀😇💙

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