Hindi Hain Hum

  1. Hello friends!  First of all “very happy republic day to all of you” Today is a very special  day for every Indian and for people like me who believes             “सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिंदुस्तां हमारा” it is more than any occasion. According to me love for your country is not like you love your family, friends or your partner it is beyond than every thing. The moment when india won the match, when india won the medal in Olympics,when India is praised by other countries when all that happens it feels l like I got that achievement.I suggest to all the people to feel this trust me friends it is a wow feeling. Because love for country gives you reason to live.It doesn’t matter From which State  you belon, which cast or which religion you belongs to just love your country as no one do.                          

12 thoughts on “Hindi Hain Hum

  1. Nice.. i have forgot a lot in reading some hindi alphabet .. since i ain’t a north Indian… But with the few lines i do understand let me say.. i like it.. proud to be an Indian

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