Ek kalma maskharo ke naam… 

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well and I hope you are having a great time with your family, friends and close once but there is a person in everyone’s life who did his well to make us happy.  I have that person in life who’s only motive in life is to make me whether he is happy or not. Whether he is in condition to make me happy or not but his only motive to make me smile. So this poem belongs to all that मसखरा not only mine but for all maskhars who make us happy. Live long guys and always be happy because you guys did a fantastic job to make us happy. 

Main aur Main.. 

Hello friends. I am back, I know it’s being too long but I was busy in some work. You guys know well how much  the ‘life  of  student’ is dramatic. So I was busy actually I should say I have to be busy in playing my role in this drama of life.  from the one or two week I am having a very strong gut feeling with that persona of Shakespeare. 

“life is a stage and we all are playing the role. ”

Just because of this statement of one of my  favourite person I always try to get stand up clap from my audience but in today’s story I am telling you about that incident where someone is playing  my role. It’s about a week ago, at 11:30 . Suddenly someone knocks my door.  I was busy in some other stuffs so I didn’t notice after a minute someone knocked my door once again when I went to that who’s this. There is no one behind the door. I thought that someone did prank with me because it is very casual in my hostel. We knock the door for annoying people. I closed the door. Than I felt  that  someone is standing behind me but there was no one in the room. I take my earplugs and start a heavy music but I was not able to listen anything. I thought may  be there is a problem in my earplugs.  Now I have the last option to take my soul to the piece. I take out my diary and pen and try to write something but the most wearied thing happened here. It was the first time when I couldn’t write anything.I start reading the  old ones and than sleep that night. When I woke up with the alarm in next morning,I found a poem on that page where I didn’t write anything last night. I Hope you all want to read it. 

Tre siva kuch bhi ni… 

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well. So here I am with new poem and new incident. The poem which I am going to share with you having a great importance in my life because somewhere or somehow it realises me about my hard days where I was alone and no one with me accept few DIPRESSION, STRESS & DIARY-PEN             than one day I found one friend in this poem and that friend is “my goal” whom I didn’t want to loose and whom with I wanted to be whole life. So this poem inspires me alot to fight the world to have that friend. I hope this poem inspire you all because it inspired me in my worst time and whenever I feel low. So may be you all get your friend in this poem:

Meri jarurt ♥… 

Hello friends, I hope you all are all right and living life happily . as we all know valentine week is on. So today’s poem is dedicated to that person to whom you are not only  in love but that person  is your need .this one is not only for valentine ♥. This one is for every relation which you don’t want to loose and the person without whom you can’t even imagine your life but sometimes we need a person who love us but actually  don’t understand our value but we still  love them from the bottom of our heart. His one sight made our day, his only wish becomes our dream. He or she love us but still always ready to hurt us not intentionally but regularly. So this one is for those people who have a  constant  place in our heart. Their rude behavior, ignorance or their every effort to hurt us don’t shift them even an inch.                              I am in Truely love with someone like this. I know he loves me but don’t understand me but I still love him. So if you have someone special like I have than please don’t let them go because these kinds are special editions. You can’t live with out  them once you become addicted of them. So feel your love and ♥ valentine

Kuch sawalon ke… 

Hello friends! I hope you all are having wonderful day. Today,  The poem which I am going to share with you is related to an incident. Before few months ago, may be it’s a time of november or december. Actually I am not pretty sure but may be that was the incident of diwali weekend. I and one of my friend were doing that “walk and talk” thing.  I just love to walk while I am having discussion with someone. That’s why whenever I ask someone to “चलते चलते बात करते हैं”. They said “let’s discuss it later” but few of them accept my problem or may be they have to accept it.  So that day am having “walk and talk ” session. Suddenly my friend zaroori interrogate something and I didn’t answer .it’s not because I didn’t know the answer or I didn’t  want to win that argument. It’s because I didn’t want to hurt him. I know you all are curious about that question but sorry to say friends I  can’t share that question now because I’ll save that for my upcoming blog. We’ll discuss that soon.                                                    In my “walk & talk”  convo he repeat that  question and again I was waking with silence. He was surprised to see that I was saying nothing Because Generally it never happens  I always have a Content to speak either I know about the topic or not.He asked me that  why was I behave like a mentally disturbed one? He said in sarcastic manner that it’s ok! If I don’t about that interrogation.he’ll never gonna tell anyone that there is something in the world at which I don’t want to express my thought. I said ok. He said again with extraa drama ” sweetheart l really want to know  how is that possible”
I just replied him with these two lines 

” हजार जवाबों से अच्छी एक खामोशी मेरी 

जिसने ना जाने कितने सवालों की आबरू रख ली ”

He laughed beastly. It was not new for me. It happens when I was try to  become a “कवि” in front of people. They give me the same treatment as he did. 

So today’s poem belongs to this stupid scenario:

Thanks for making what I am… 

Today,two years ago, Feb 05.2015. one of the most precious  part of my life became a memory. I was officially  deteched with people and a place where I lived the wonderful or lovable  14 years of my life.it was the farewell party of my school. It was just a farewell for those students who came to school before a few years ago but for people  like me and my friends  who spend 13-14 years of their life it’s  kind of a trauma to attend that party.my school is more than everything  for me. It’s a habit of 14 years to  went to the same place and spend  7,8 hours of day there. My school not only teach me to study. It teaches me to talk in front of thousands of people, it teaches me to love the Mike and podium and to be crazy for stage. I see lots of people in my daily life suffering from stage fear but speaking on stage gives me peace of mind and soul all these things I learnt from my school. I still remember  those days when we guys did our best to make the annual day bang on. My school  gives me wonderful  teachers who still try to be in touch with me after 2 years of passing out . I saw many students who miss their school because they miss their  friends but  I miss my school because I love my school desperately. I remember  that the  last poetry lines which I spoke  in my school in our so called  farewell. 

“जिंदगी की उलझनो को सुलझाने में चाहे कितनी मशगूल हो जाऊँ। 

यारों की यारी और स्कूल की चारदीवारी हर पल याद आएगी ”

I wrote a poem for my farewell party which I want to share with all of you–

I love to kill… 

Few days ago,when I was at home. I remember  that it’s about 4:30 in evening and I was walking outside the home than I saw that there was a plant of rose at the other side of road. As soon as I notice that beautiful creation of nature I went there and I did what generally a teenager or our generation do. I took my phone and start taking it’s pictures. That rose was look like a innocent child smiling from its heart . It was the first time when I notice something like that.it felt something  different.after few seconds my younger brother called me and I went from there and start walking with him again but my whole attention was grabbed by that rose.Suddenly I noticed an unknown guy. I saw him first time in our locality. He start observing that rose like  professionals and I really  didn’t know what was his mindset at that time. he just plucked that rose and squeeze it and kill it.that moment was like a lump in my throat. I went there  and asked him the reason to do this and he said that he love to pluck rose and love to remove  its petals. After saying his awkward statement he went from there and I was just  staring the petals at ground.I couldn’t  even understand  what was the meaning of that explanation he gave  to me 

Aur main seekh gyi… 

Today when I was taking snacks and tea in evening I feel that  3/4th part if a day is gone and what I did today for my self is just nothing.  If I am thinking  about what I learn today,what I get today, what I achieve today even what I loose today. At the end of the day I have a same answer  for all these question “Nothing.” than I decide that I can’t  waste my life to think about the conclusion “nothing” today by this blog I decide that tomorrow will be a new starting of my  life. I’ll live my life to make it on. 

“मंजिल मिल जाएगी भटकते ही सही 

गुमराह तो वो हैं जो घर से निकलते ही नहीं ”


Hindi Hain Hum

  1. Hello friends!  First of all “very happy republic day to all of you” Today is a very special  day for every Indian and for people like me who believes             “सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिंदुस्तां हमारा” it is more than any occasion. According to me love for your country is not like you love your family, friends or your partner it is beyond than every thing. The moment when india won the match, when india won the medal in Olympics,when India is praised by other countries when all that happens it feels l like I got that achievement.I suggest to all the people to feel this trust me friends it is a wow feeling. Because love for country gives you reason to live.It doesn’t matter From which State  you belon, which cast or which religion you belongs to just love your country as no one do.